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I am glad to share that over the years, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects.


Types of projects I have worked the most

Web ApplicationsWeb Applications
Including typescript, react, nextjs, nodejs, nestjs, and UI frameworks like tailwindcss, chakra, and material-ui.
.Net Applications (C#).Net Applications (C#)
Winform applications with DevExpress, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and .Net Core
Eccomerce PlatformsEccomerce Platforms
Product management, inventory, order management, multi-tenant and multi-store, email templates and notifications.
Inventory Management SystemsInventory Management Systems
For retail and wholesale businesses.
ERP SolutionsERP Solutions
Budgeting, Accounting, HR, Payroll, Asset Management, Attendance, Healthcare, and more.
Javascript libraries and SDK'sJavascript libraries and SDK's
Tsup, microbundle, and pure typescript.
Social Media ApplicationsSocial Media Applications
Including chat, posts, comments, likes, shares, event scheduling, content moderation



Generate XLSX files in the browser, with minimal footprint


A React component for Instagram like stories


Featured projects


A large-transactions transfer desktop app to be used by local Banks.


A tire vulcanizer for trucks and trailers web app.

Ambient Host

It is a warm and inviting guesthouse in the northern region of vibrant Bucharest, Romania.

Kaz Wifi Hotspot
Kaz Wifi Hotspot

Manage access, time, and browsing speed of customers in your business


Develapp LLC

Focused on building web applications for small and medium growers and dispensaries in the cannabis industry. We made a marketplace for cannabis products and social media platform that allows users to share their experiences in a safe and secure environment.

Aguas de San Pedro

Being one of the companies I have most enjoyed contributing to since it's a direct and instant benefit to the city I live in and because we almost start from the ground up. I built and contributed to various internal desktop apps, rest services, and mobile apps for seven years. It helped me gain experience in different ERP modules: Inventory, Accounting, Budget, Invoicing, Health, and Finances.

Leitz Group

As a contractor at this outsourcing company, I was assigned to work with four different companies, this experience allowed me to gain valuable insights into different business contexts and develop my skills in adapting to diverse work environments. Had to opportunity to write complex stored procedures, views, and functions, so I gained a deep understanding of Transact-SQL syntaxis while creating metrics and dimensions for the MicroStrategy (BI) reporting solution implemented by the company.